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At Spotlight Accounting, our virtual finance director service is designed to work with clients on their business growth journey. Where normally only larger businesses have the benefit of a full-time finance director, a virtual finance director can provide the expertise that a growing business needs whilst offering a more cost-effective and flexible solution.
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    Virtual finance directors work with business owners and key management to understand the long-term overall business plan, map out the financial strategy and highlight business performance insights that board members need to monitor to ensure they remain on track for business success.

    At Spotlight Accounting we can add value at every step of your business journey, helping you to plan for a brighter future. Find out more when you contact us today!

    Welcome to Spotlight Accounting – your Virtual Finance Director

    Bringing over 75 years of experience and expertise, we have a proven track record of helping business owners set their financial direction so that the business can deliver what they want, when they want. Our team of expert accountants can then provide ongoing reporting to give financial insight and visibility of where they are against plan.

    Many businesses start from the kitchen table, or equivalent, based on the technical skills of the founders. As it transitions from a small business into a larger business it faces different challenges, such as introducing new team’s, re-defining processes, implementing new processes and adhering to the added legislative burden of a larger business.

    Owners often realise that they need business advisors to get through the next stage of business growth, but are not sure where they can get the professional advice from.

    At Spotlight Accounting we have developed our virtual finance director services to help small businesses transition to the next stage of their journey.

    Step 1

    The first step is to understand the strategy of the business. Most smaller businesses won’t have this documented and in most instances, although the owner will have some idea of what they want their business to achieve, they have no way of articulating it.

    By employing us as your virtual finance director, we will work with you to develop a business plan.

    Step 2

    Just like an in house finance director, we will work with your management team to set an annual budget in alignment with the business plan. It is important that key management is involved in this process, so that they can take ownership of the financial performance of their respective part of the business.

    Step 3

    As well as preparing monthly management accounts, your virtual finance director will prepare a rolling cash flow forecast and provide key financial insight into the business performance.

    These reports are then discussed at meetings to ensure that the management team have a full understanding of the financial position of the business and where it is compared to plan.

    A good finance director will be able to use their practical knowledge to give proactive advice to ensure that the financial direction of the business remains in alignment to the long term plan of the business.

    Why should you outsource a finance director role?

    At Spotlight Accounting, our virtual finance director services can be an absolute game changer for a small business. When your small business is in the start-up or growth stages, every penny counts and an in-house financial director is often an expense you just can’t afford.

    By outsourcing your finances to us, you’ll benefit from our financial expertise on a part time basis, whilst making the most of our practice knowledge and previous experience.

    We will be also able to provide the support you need at each stage of your business growth, enabling you to increase or decrease our assistance as and when you need it.

    What are the benefits?

    The main benefit of having a virtual finance director is visibility of where your business finances are and how that correlates to your future plans.

    At Spotlight Accounting out virtual finance director services will bring expertise into your finance function, adding valuable input into your management team and allowing you to draw on our expertise.

    Our outsourced finance director services

    Our virtual finance director services include:

    We work with clients to deliver the services that they need. If you are interested in learning more, the please get in touch.

    Why choose Spotlight Accounting?

    As a firm of chartered accountants in Shropshire with over 75 years of experience in both practice and industry we have a proven track record of working with our clients. With the breadth of services on offer, from provision and discussion of management accounts through to exit planning, we can offer a virtual finance director package suitable to your business needs.

    If you are interested in our services then please get in touch for an initial chat as to how we can help.

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