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    At Spotlight Accounting, we can save you time and money with our effective company secretarial services. Our ongoing support assists businesses of all shapes and sizes, from small businesses to landlords and limited companies.

    Traditionally, company secretaries were responsible for corporate governance and statutory compliance. However, since 6th April 2008, unless a company’s articles of association stipulate, there is no longer a requirement under company law to appoint a company secretary.

    The responsibility of ensuring compliance with Companies House and maintaining the company records lies with the directors. This includes the legal compliance of any changes. These requirements often get overlooked and can lead to penalties and fines if deadlines are missed.

    Our company secretarial services range from statutory compliance to secretarial assistance, so you can manage your everyday business operations with ease.

    Spotlight Accounting can take care of these responsibilities on your behalf, freeing up time so that you can focus on growing your business.

    What are company secretarial services?

    Company secretarial services help ensure that your business meets the legal requirements of the Companies Act 2006. These services include keeping track of statutory records, filing to the register and meeting statutory deadlines.

    These services can include:

    1. Maintaining statutory registers. These are the records of company shareholders, directors, people with significant control, share capital, legal charges, minutes of board meetings and copies of resolutions passed.

    2. Filing confirmation statements at Companies House. Each year, every company is required to file a statement to ensure that the information held on the public record is correct.

    3. Managing changes in control and ownership of the company. If a change in the company name, directors, shareholders, share capital or a new loan is taken out with a charge over the company’s assets, then the necessary paperwork must be filed at Companies House and documented in the statutory registers.

    4. Ensuring that you are compliant with all Companies Act 2006. Businesses need to stay on top of their legal obligations to remain compliant with the Companies Act 2006. This involves drawing up resolutions for structural and financial modifications, upholding the company’s articles of association, and making amendments whenever necessary.

    Whilst company secretarial services are less onerous for private companies than they are for public companies who will have a company secretary, they are still an important part of the responsibilities of all directors. Any non-compliance can lead to penalties and fines.

    Our company secretarial services, Shropshire

    Spotlight Accounting can provide a comprehensive company secretarial service that ensures your business is always up-to-date with the Companies Act. Our team of experts can provide the following:

    1. Company incorporation service – ensuring that your company is set up correctly and the correct registers are written up.

    2. Annual filing of confirmation statement to ensure that any necessary changes are processed.

    3. Maintenance of statutory registers – and processing any necessary changes.

    4. Change of company names.

    5. Preparation of board minutes and special resolutions where changes to the company or new charges require this.

    6. Issuing and reclassification of share capital.

    7. Issuing amended articles and resolutions approving these changes.

    What businesses need company secretarial services?

    All limited companies must adhere to company secretarial services and fulfil their statutory duties. Public limited companies usually have an in-house company secretarial team to handle their affairs, while smaller businesses may outsource their services to third-party professionals like Spotlight Accounting to make sure that all legal requirements are met.

    Company secretarial services go beyond simply filling in forms and submitting documents to Companies House. Our team helps you maintain your registers, provide approved meeting minutes showing that any changes were properly authorised, and adhere to the provisions of the Articles of Association.

    Why choose Spotlight Accounting?

    Our expert team has the knowledge and experience to ensure you meet all your statutory requirements and deadlines. Not only can we handle the annual requirements on your behalf, but we provide assistance on a one-off service such as reclassifying shares or amending Articles of Association.

    So contact Spotlight today to find out how we can assist with our company secretarial services.

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