Accountants for Large Companies

Large businesses need a firm of accountants that they can work alongside, to support and assist them with their growth and development. Whilst large businesses typically have an accounts team in house, it is still important to have an expert advisor that they can work with to guide them through the ever changing business environment. And this is where Spotlight Accounting can help!
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    Welcome to Spotlight Accounting, we specialise in accounting for large businesses

    All members of the Spotlight team have worked both in practice and industry so understand the challenges that large businesses face. And, with a team that has over 75 years of experience working in partnership with large businesses (both as external and internal accountants), we like to think of ourselves as experts within this field.

    Our team have a proven track record of working with large businesses, supporting their growth from inception right through to exit. Add to this our excellent service standards and you’ll soon understand how we can provide real value to large businesses like you.

    Large business accountancy services we offer

    It doesn’t matter if you require a one off assignment, such as tax planning, or a fully outsourced finance function, Spotlight Accounting are here to assist.

    Whilst we can complete annual accounts and tax returns, our services go far beyond that. From a one off tax planning exercise – that not only reduces tax liabilities and saves money but can increase the amount a business owner can extract from the business – to releasing capital to fund business growth or helping to navigate the process of a business sale.

    Plus our tax planning service can look at employee share schemes, R&D tax credits, and other tax incentives for both the business and its employees.

    We can work to increase the company’s profitability and save money, not just through cost cutting but looking at how to control costs including gross profit margin and cashflow management.

    Below are just some of the key accounting services we offer:

    Starting with a free consultation, we can look at the service required when you contact us today!

    Grow your business sustainably with Spotlight on you

    Spotlight On You is a service we offer that provides the pathway to achieving a large business vision.

    As you grow from a small business to a large business, your vision can change and evolve. Therefore, it is important to take a step back and understand where your business is now and where it needs to go.

    In order to do this, key goals and strategies need to be identified as well as essential business drivers that need to be monitored in order to indicate if the business in on track to achieving its goals.

    Add to this a forecast for each financial year and ongoing management reporting, and Spotlight on You can ensure that your business in on the road to success.

    We are strong advocates of understanding what a business needs to achieve, as not only does it help our clients accelerate growth, it also ensures that the accounting services we provide are more effective and have greater impact.

    Why choose Spotlight Accounting?

    We are a team of experts with a proven track record that can deliver a professional service that your large business needs.

    As well as delivering all the accounting and tax requirements needed to stay compliant with HMRC and Companies House, we want to work with you as a trusted extension of your business.

    To work with us get in touch for a free consultation to see how we can help.

    Advantages of an outsourced accountant for large business

    As a business grows, using outsourced accountants such as Spotlight Accounting can be a cost effective solution to having an accounts team in house. Outsourcing your company’s accounting and finance requirements increases efficiency and can deliver sustainable benefits such as utilising technology so that overlooked finance tasks can be automated, with minimal human intervention. Business process automation can remove risk and get information delivered to key management more quickly.

    Having an outsourced team will also enable the company to focus on the business growth. Plus you will have the ability to start new projects faster and react quicker to business demands, increasing the competitive advantage. Outsourcing converts fixed costs into variable costs, saving money immediately as the business may not need a full time qualified team member.

    It also enables the finance team to be scalable as the business grows without incurring any recruitment costs involved with employing staff, as well as saving on holiday pay and time spent on human resources issues.

    Frequently Asked Large Business Accounting Questions

    What does an accountant do for a large business?

    Accountants for large businesses should work as an extended part of your finance team. They should have a clear understanding of the business strategy and what you, as owners, are trying to achieve. This ensures that the services delivered are in alignment with what the business needs.

    Benefits of using a large business accountant?

    Many large businesses work with an accountant that only provides ongoing work – such as year end accounts and corporation tax services. Large business accountants, however, should be able to offer support across all areas of accountancy, from tax planning to corporate finance services.

    This is why it is important that an accountants for large businesses understands the long term goal of the company, so that they can provide one off assignment’s to help them achieve this.

    For example, if business owners are looking to sell their large business, their accountant can assist by highlighting where the key value lies. They can then maximise the potential value of the business, by ensuring that all existing business processes are streamlined and documented and by looking at potential share option schemes to incentivise and retain key members of staff.

    If key members of the management team are not getting the management information that they require, an accountant can also look at the organisation’s processes, understand the workflow steps, help to automate simple tasks and advise on how to redefine workflow steps to get information more quickly.

    They can also work with the management team to understand the key drivers of a business, what key performance indicators need reporting on and help improve reporting so that management have the information that they need to hand.

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    Why choose Spotlight Accounting services for your large business?

    When it comes to choosing a large business accountant, you need to ensure that they offer a reliable service. After all, a good accountant should become an extended part of your business.

    Certified Chartered Accountants

    There are a number of bodies that accountants can be registered with, of which two are more regulated than any other - this being the ICAEW and chartered certified accountants. At Spotlight Accounting, we are proud that our chartered accountants are regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW). Not only does it show that we take your business seriously, but it means that you can relax, knowing that your financial affairs are in safe hands.

    Tax and planning advice

    Not only do we look after your tax affairs but we offer tax planning advice so that you know you are in safe hands using us as your accountant.

    Clear monthly fees

    We work on a fixed monthly fee providing a prompt service. All clients are offered Hammock to maintain their property accounts in.

    We care about your success

    We genuinely care about our clients and their success, and being a small firm of chartered accountants enables us to build close relationships with small business owners in the Shropshire area understanding their needs and helping them grow.

    Online accounting services

    Our online accountancy services ensures that you have up to date financial information at your fingertips, and as your dedicated accountants we base all our discussion on actual financials rather than guesstimates.

    Working with online accounting software enables you to have full visibility over your company accounts. It will also help save you valuable time automating manual entries as well as office space that would otherwise be taken up storing all of your paperwork.

    Ready to work with us?

    If you like the sound of what we do and want to work with us, let’s talk. If you’re worried about switching from your existing accountant, don’t. It’s easier that you think – 27% businesses work with an accountant that they want to switch from. The process is all dealt with by us and we make it as painless as possible.

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