across the board fixed price packages don’t work…

Every business is different be it in size, complexity, stage of their business life cycle which is why our onboarding process involves discussing a business owners requirements and then designing a package that fits the owner and the business needs.

Our pricing is fixed and agreed in advance so that there are no nasty surprises.  Fees are payable in monthly instalments.

The table below gives an idea of fees that we charge for each of our service levels.

Please get in touch so we can discuss your business needs – or click on the services below.

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Landlord tax returns start at £200 + VAT and Sole trader tax returns £300 + VAT

Are you due tax back on your PPI claim?

Are you due tax back on your PPI claim?

In recent years we have all been bombarded with calls about PPI claims, and at present missold payday loans. If any of your claims have been successful and you have received payment, an element of the money you received would have been interest. This interest will...

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Are you getting the tax advice you need?

There’s an unspoken truth when it comes to tax advice: for business owners, there’s a complete lack of transparency from advisors over what tax advice actually is. This means as a business owner: … don’t know what to expect from your accountant … don’t know...

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32 Ways to Get the Maximum Value out of your Business

A question I get asked all the time is: ‘What can I take out of my business?’ and ‘how do I save more tax?’ Well, the quick answer is, ‘there’s up to 32 ways to get value out of your business, tax efficiently.’ Yep, that’s a lot of ways ⬇️     But the truth...

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