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    Finding payroll a headache?

    Finding the right software, remembering at 10pm on payday that you need to process payroll, rushing and forgetting to submit to HMRC and having to pay employees individually manually can all be time-consuming.

    Payroll can be another unnecessary plate that you have to spin. Outsourcing payroll services can free up your time to concentrate on growing your business.

    Run by our team of experts, Spotlight Accounting’s payroll services in Shropshire have been designed to make sure that your employees are paid accurately and promptly, leaving you to run your business. Our payroll services give peace of mind that your company is compliant not just with HMRC but with the Pensions Regulator too.

    Spotlight Accounting Limited is a firm of Chartered Accountants based in Shropshire, but service companies all over the UK.

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    What is a payroll service?

    Payroll services vary depending on the size of the business. A payroll with directors will differ from a payroll for a large retailer with hourly staff. Your accountant or a specialised provider can run payroll services.

    Our payroll services can include the following:

    • Inputting data – hours worked, bonuses, holiday pay etc
    • Calculating tax and national insurance contributions
    • Auto-enrolment declarations, notifications and submissions
    • Issuing employee payslips either via email or our online portal
    • Preparation of P45s, P60 and P11ds
    • Pay period reports, including employer summary and P32 detailing amounts due to HMRC
    • Paying employees
    • Access to our online portal

    Spotlight accounting payroll process explained in a diagram

    How does Spotlight accounting payroll work?

    Our payroll service has been designed to make the management of your company payroll as pain-free as possible for our clients.

    Payroll clients are all processed using our bureau software which is connected to an online portal that both clients and their employees can access.

    Each payroll client will get a dedicated payroll manager who will process their payroll. All we require from clients:

    1. Details of starters and leavers
    2. Hours worked for variable rate employees
    3. Adjustments to pay, such as days sick, holidays taken, commissions and bonuses
    4. Approval of processed payslips
    5. Where we process payments, the total net pay transferred into modular.

    We will ensure the correct tax and national insurance is deducted from your employees, issue payslips, send real-time information submissions to HMRC, deal with auto-enrolment submissions, report pension contributions and send auto-enrolment notifications to staff.


    Why do I need a payroll service?

    There are so many benefits to using an accountant for payroll services. Not only can payroll software be expensive, but it also requires a degree of knowledge and skill to ensure that all HMRC’s and the pension regulators’ requirements are met.

    The costs associated with the fees far outweigh the benefits of knowing that everything is in safe hands.

    Your payroll will also be processed much quicker, as they manage payrolls daily, so come with a wealth of expert knowledge. They will be able to handle complex queries much better than a team member with limited payroll experience will.

    Typically it is the owner that runs payroll in-house. Still, their time is more valuable working on business development than determining whether an employee’s tax code has been updated or why HMRC have sent a penalty notice for a missed return.

    Should I hire a payroll service?

    You have much more to give your business than inputting employee hours late at night (or doing your bookkeeping). Your time is better spent working on your business’s growth. Therefore you’d get more value in spending time with your sales team on a strategy for attracting new customers than sitting processing payroll to save the cost of the fee.

    Be honest…

    • Would you rather be processing your payroll than growing your business?
    • Does your team have the skills and knowledge to make sure you are meeting all HMRC’s compliance requirements?
    • Can you support employees if they have a complex payroll query?
    • Has HMRC ever applied a penalty or charged interest on overdue payments or submissions?

    If you have started a new business, you may be conscious of costs as money can be tight. However, it can cost more than the saving in fees if the company’s payroll needs to be processed correctly.

    Starting a business is an exciting time, so use that energy to do what you do best and entrust your payroll management to a firm of accountants.

    We recommend outsourcing payroll services to your accountants if they are providing accounts and tax returns services as well. After all, a good firm of Chartered Accountants will be able to spot tax planning opportunities for your company and provide the support you need for it to grow.

    Can I do payroll myself?

    You can run your payroll yourself, but the cost of our fees often outweighs the peace of mind that everything is looked after.

    Do you use Xero’s online payroll software?

    We don’t use Xero’s software as it is not suitable for running multiple payrolls, nor does it provide the same functionality as the online portal.

    Our payroll service has been designed to make payroll as stress-free as possible for clients, so we chose payroll software that gave the best client experience.

    Our software still integrates with Xero (as well as other accounting software), so we can post the payroll into the company accounts. Again saving your in-house accounting team from processing time-consuming journals.

    Who do we serve with our payroll services at Spotlight Accounting?

    Our payroll team provides payroll services to multiple large and small business clients. Delivering weekly and monthly services for companies, partnerships, charities and sole traders with fixed salaries and hourly pay.

    We service many businesses all over the UK with payroll packages to suit their needs, from different industries, including Children’s Day Nurseries, Restaurants and Pubs, to large manufacturers.

    As a firm of Chartered Accountants, we have been providing payroll services for over 16 years, so entrusting us with your payroll ensures you are in safe hands.

    Let’s be honest; you did not start your company to do the mundane accounting tasks such as running your payroll (and bookkeeping). You started it in order to provide yourself with the lifestyle you want for you and your family.

    Entrusting your payroll to a firm of Chartered Accountants not only frees up your valuable time but will leave you safe in the knowledge that your staff have been paid the right amount of money and that HMRC is happy!

    To find out more about how we can help you, please get in contact!

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